Ulterius Progress Report: January 2017

Time to usher in a new year with a new Ulterius version: 1.8!

New to Ulterius? Read about it here

Motion detection and facial recognition for cameras

You now have the option to enable video tracking technologies like motion detection and facial recognition on the cameras tab. This should be a treat for those that were using Ulterius as a no-nonsense security system.

Login improvements

A few things have been changed with login process, the most important of which is that you can now specify usernames. Like with passwords, you login with the same information as with Windows. Workgroups are supported by using the standard Workgroup\Username format.

Monitor info

More information about monitors is now accessible, including all possible display modes.

Storage device info

Like monitors, storage devices also received a bump to available info, allowing you to view SMART statistics and partition information.

Screen share improvements

The best virtual desktop solution has gotten even better in Ulterius 1.8. We've managed to optimize it even more to DOUBLE the framerate in some scenarios. There were also a small number of situations where screen share would permanently hang, requiring a restart of Ulterius Server; this has been resolved.

Major camera bug fix

Previously, cameras would only start once and refuse to do so again until Ulterius was restarted. This has been fixed.

Better error handling

While we've had error reporting in the past, it wasn't a terribly smooth process. Now when there is a client-side issue, you will be given a popup that allows reporting the issue.

Server logs

Of interest to developers and people troubleshooting bugs, server logs are now easily accessible from the settings menu, with a handy button that allows you to report exceptions to the Ulterius GitHub.

Minor improvements, enhancements and bug fixes

As per usual, this update includes lots of tiny improvements here and there that make Ulterius just a bit nicer to use.

What's Next?

We're pretty excited about a major new addition in the pipeline: IoT support! That's right, you will finally be able to monitor and control all your favorite IoT devices, including Phillips Hue, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Nest products all from a single page, and all from any device with a web browser.

Also in the works is a long-requested feature: two-factor authentication. We'll be starting off with Google Authenticator and an Authy-powered service. These two methods should satisfy the overwhelming majority of those wanting 2FA support.

We've also been developing custom login servers (allowing you to control login requests without the need of ours) and improving screen share even more with the advent of GPU acceleration. More details to come next month!

Download Ulterius 1.8 from the website here or restart your server to apply the update.

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